Company Profile

Welcome to Crater Gold Mining Limited ("the Company"), a company targeting Graphite and Gold in Croydon, North Queensland, and developing Gold Projects in Papua New Guinea.

In Australia the Company has Graphite projects at Croydon, Queensland.

The Company has a project in Papua New Guinea: Crater Mountain. Papua New Guinea is a resource rich country which is one of the richest gold and copper provinces in the world. It boasts a number of giant world class copper and gold deposits including Grassberg, Ok Tedi, Porgera,Wafi-Golpu, Hidden Valley, Bougainville and Lihir Island as well as a number of large deposits currently being brought into production. By international standards it has only been lightly explored. Despite being a developing nation, PNG has a modern sophisticated Mining Legislation and supporting administrative infrastructure including a freely available data base (much now in digital format) of all previous exploration activities. The government is highly supportive of the mining – industry and sovereign risk is very low compared to other developing nations.